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Tree Hugger is the 4th episode of the 1st season of Camp Lazlo.


Lumpus and Lazlo butt heads when they both try to catch the elusive "Migrating Mulberry," a wandering tree that only visits the region once every 100 years. After finding it in the center of camp, Lumpus wants to chop the Migrating tree down to fulfill his childhood dream of completeing his hand made boat, "The Leaky Lumpus." Lazlo and the Jellies become detirmined to stop this as it is the worlds only remaining Migrating Mulberry. Eventually they trick him using a false promise that he may cut down the tree if he fallows the "Tree Be Gone Ritual." After he completes the actual ritual, the Jellies keep leading him on, making him do a endless line of ridiculous things to distract him while they also make him throw all his woodcutting tools in the lake, and eventually fall in love and marry the tree. Upon the next morning, Lumpus returns to his newlywed only to find she has Migrated away, after a short speach from Lazlo, Lumpus receives a post-card from Florida from Migrating Mulberry Tree "and Family," after touchingly realizing he has two Moose-tree the episode ends with the quote "wait, Florida, there gonna need a boat."



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