"Over Your Ed" is the 4th episode of Season 1 and of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, Ed ruins the Eds' latest scam due to his stench, so Edd and Eddy give Ed a bath and a complete image makeover to make the stench not a problem. Eddy then tutors Ed on becoming a cool person to the public (Ed the Great). When this happens, Ed becomes so popular, that Eddy decides to use this as a chance to make some profits by creating a show starring Ed. 


The episode begins with Edd taking a bath in a bathtub. Edd then takes a loofah before he begins using it to try and scrub off a grass stain on his arm. After a lot of scrubbing, Edd takes a quick whiff and sees that the stain is still there. Edd yells out in horror, "STUBBORN GRASS STAIN!" We then see Eddy taking a shower while singing along to his radio. While Eddy is having fun, he grabs a bar of soap, but it unintentionally slips out of his hand when he yells out "Wahoo!". The soap then lands in Eddy's mouth and he accidentally swallows it. Soapy foam then forms out of Eddy's mouth, much to his annoyance. We then see Ed's disgusting bathroom. Ed then looks into a mirror and then he questions himself, "Now what did I come in here for?". Since he can't figure out what he was going to do in his bathroom, Ed shrugs his shoulders and leaves to join his friends for their latest fun.

Edd is then shown putting a bowl of sugar and a pitcher onto an incomplete drink stand. One of the boards holding the stand up then falls off which Edd is not happy about. Eddy arrives and Edd asks if he may help. Eddy however tells him to stand back and let a pro do this. Eddy then puts the board back into place and declares, "Time to quench thirst...for CASH!". Eddy puts his hands down on the stand while saying his declaration to Edd, but this causes the stand to fall apart.

Later, Edd and Eddy get the stand to stand up properly. Edd is then shown trying to measure the correct amount of sugar for the drinks. Eddy is then shown to have nailed a couple of nails to the boards to prevent them from falling apart again. Ed then arrives and asks his friends if he is late. Eddy states to Ed he is just in time. Eddy then gives Ed the sign for their scam and tells Ed to put the sign up. Ed proceeds in trying to do that and, after putting it at an approximately high location, asks Eddy should it be like this. Eddy goes over to Ed and tells him he has to put the sign higher. Eddy then smells something coming from Ed's armpits and is grossed out by the smell. Eddy backs away and tells Ed he smells like a gym bag, but Ed just smiles in response to Eddy's statement. Eddy asks Ed when was the last time he took a bath. Ed thinks for a moment and states that he forgets. Eddy goes over to Edd and asks him if the drinks are ready while also giving Edd a quick pat on the back. Edd tells Eddy to not bother him right now as he is counting the sugar. Edd resumes counting the sugar, but while he has his back turned. Eddy leaves and comes back with a whole sack of sugar, which he then dumps into the pitcher. Edd then gets the correct amount of sugar onto the spoon. He then pours the spoonful of sugar into the pitcher and then proceeds in mixing the sugar into the drink. Ed goes to Edd and asks if he can help. Edd feels uneasy about Ed being close to him, so he continues in stirring. Ed then takes the bowl of sugar and proceed in trying to put some in, but Edd shields off the pitcher right when Ed pours all the sugar out of the bowl, causing the sugar to land on his head. Edd tells him that is too much sugar, so Ed states "Okay." to this. Edd sniffs the sugar bowl and the pitcher while Ed takes the cups as he wants to serve the drinks to the customers. Edd, after taking a quick whiff of Ed, tells him to go away as he will taste it. Ed then leaves and Edd, after taking a gulp of fresh air, then proceeds in putting on a gas mask and spraying the air around the stand with air freshener while also saying "Smelly, smelly, smelly!".

Eddy, holding his nose, tells Edd to hurry up. Edd pours some of the drink in the pitcher into a cup. He then takes a drink and after some lip smacking, he starts spasming before rocketing upwards due to comsuming a lot of sugar. Ed tells Eddy, "Look at him go, Eddy!" while pointing his arm at Edd. Eddy takes a whiff of the smell coming from Ed's armpit. Eddy runs away from Ed, but Edd then lands in front of Eddy, forcing him to stop. Edd, now all incredibly hyper, states that was a great beverage before running incredibly fast. Eddy is shocked about all this and tries to question Edd about his behavior, but Edd quickly goes to him and tells him they have customers to serve for their scam, leaving Eddy more confused. Ed asks if he can be the sales-Ed, but Eddy refuses because he will screw it up. Edd tells Eddy it can't hurt on letting Ed try and gives him a quick thumbs-up before running off. Eddy is not happy about this and walks over to where Ed is. Eddy then states boredly, "Ladies and gentlemen" and Ed then repeats what Eddy said in an excited yelling voice. Eddy then states, "Come buy a delicious..." and Ed then repeats what Eddy just said in a yelling voice, however he mispronounces 'delicious' as 'deciduous' and he stops about midway shortly after saying the latter-mentioned word because Eddy didn't finish his sentence. Eddy finishes his announcement by saying "En-o-gee drink.", but Ed just declares out, "Hello!".

Kevin and Nazz arrive at the scene and Ed claims to them he is the sales-ed. Kevin is slightly shocked the Eds are selling energy drinks. Ed, taking the pitcher, states to Kevin and Nazz they should try some, but he takes down one of the support beams for the sign. Ed sees what he did and goes over to try and fix it. Eddy tells him to stop what he is doing, but it is somewhat too late as Ed's foot then literally goes into the stand. The stand then falls down with Ed on it. Eddy again yells at Ed to stop, but the stand's impact sends him flying. Nazz laughs at this, but Kevin is just bored at this. Ed then grabs the pitcher with his teeth and tries to fix the broken stand. One of the boards that holds the stand up then falls down and Ed then tries to use his foot to place it back into place, but Ed pushes it a bit too hard, causing it to fall flat on the ground. Eddy again tries to stop Ed, but Ed accidentally slams the sign on Eddy's head. Ed then loses his balance and falls on the broken stand. Nazz continues laughing at this and Ed then accidentally turns his head, causing the pitcher to spill out all of the drink that was in it. Nazz states she will pass and Kevin sarcastically states to Ed that was real smooth.

After Kevin and Nazz leave, Eddy is extremely angry at Ed for ruining the scam and he grabs Ed by the jacket. Eddy yells at him, "What do you have to say for yourself?", but Ed just happily asks Eddy, "Drink, mister?". Eddy questions himself, "What are we going to do with you?" and Edd suggests giving Ed a complete image makeover. Eddy likes the idea and tells Ed that while he is under his supervision, he will become the definition of cool. Eddy then smells the smell from Ed and he then backs away while holding his nose. As he is backing away, Eddy tells Ed to follow him and Ed does so.

Ed is then shown naked in a wagon. Ed asks Eddy if sitting naked in a wagon is cool, but Eddy, putting on a gas mask states it isn't. Edd inspects the devices that are needed to wash Ed and sees that they are all ready. Edd tells Eddy everything is ready, Ed proceeds in batting the wagon Ed is on to the first machine. Edd then proceeds in scrubbing Ed clean with some scrubbing brushes while Ed gets tickled by the scrubbing. Ed is soon covered up in soapy foam with the exception of his eyes and his arms. Edd then pushes Ed onto the next machine and then proceeds in dropping a cold bucket of water on Ed. This splashes out the foam, but leaves Ed shivering due to the water being cold. Edd pushes Ed forward quickly and puts a towel over his legs. Eddy, taking his mask, if it's safe and Edd states it is while taking off his mask. Eddy, smelling a whiff of clean air from Ed, states that is sweet. Edd then stylizes Ed's hair with a comb, giving him a new hairstyle. Ed asks if he is cool now. Eddy states he is not because he is naked. Eddy states to Ed they need to give him new threads. Edd is then shown walking away while doing a hand stand.

Eddy takes his friends to his house and then to his room. He then turns on the lights to a certain room, revealing a large closet. Eddy welcomes his friends to his closet of dreams. Eddy, going forward through the closet, tells Edd to measure Edd up and Edd does so with a tape measure. Edd first measures Ed's height, arm length, and then the length of Ed's waistline. Eddy goes to a sweater, but notes that looks too bold. Edd is then measuring Ed's ear length. Eddy is then shown looking at a white sweater and notes that doesn't look bad. Edd is then shown measuring Ed's tongue length. Eddy is then shown taking a pink-violet like jacket and states this will do. Edd is then shown wrapped up in his tape measure and requests help in getting out. Eddy has just finished choosing the clothes that he wants Ed to wear. Eddy then hands the clothes to Ed and tells him, "Okay gruesome, try these!".

Eddy is then shown sitting on his bed, waiting for Ed to be finished getting dressed. Eddy tells Ed to hurry it up while Edd is shown under the bed all happy and hyper. Ed then comes out in his new clothes. Eddy tells him that is not bad. The Eds then go outside and Eddy tells Ed they need to give him some cool moves. Edd is then shown bouncing around while writing down on a notepad. Eddy does a cool move by pointing with one arm and holding the other arm behind his head while stretching his right leg out. Ed states that is cool and Eddy tells him to try it. Ed then mimics Eddy's pose and Eddy states that is not bad. Eddy tells him to try this stunt. He then does a forward flip, lands on his knees and then points forward with his index fingers while saying "Cool!". Ed mimics what Eddy does, but lands on Eddy in the process. Eddy gets out from under Ed and states "Good work!". Eddy then gets up and stands on one leg with his right arm up and his left arm down. Ed gets up and mimics the same thing. Eddy then stands on the other leg and then raises his left arm up and his right arm down. Ed mimics the same thing, but he bonks Eddy in the head while doing so. Eddy responds with "Ouch!". Ed then holds his head and says "Ahhhh!". Edd goes to Ed and tells him "Bravo Ed!". Edd states that he has compiled some super cool phrases for Edd but then he cuts himself off as he found out another cool phrase through the conversation, so he writes it down while saying that is a good one. Edd then continues his statement by saying, "...that you can use in any..", but then he cuts himself off again and writes down some more phrases and notes that he is brilliant. Edd then finishes his statement with the word situation and then hands Ed the list of cool phrases. Eddy states so far they are doing good so it is time for Ed to take a test drive.

The Eds are then shown in an alleywayEddy tells Ed to just stick to what they told him and he will be cool. Ed says "Yup!" in response, but then rereads his catchphrase paper and states, "I'm hip baby!". Eddy goes to Ed and tells him to make him proud. They then hear some singing and Edd notes that someone is coming. Eddy and Edd then proceed in hiding in trashcans. Ed sees and then he turns around to see that Jimmy is approaching the area. Ed then quickly reads his paper to find a proper cool phrase to say to Jimmy. Ed then looks around for a place to hide, but he can't, so he tries to pretend on not seeing Jimmy while whistling. Jimmy greets Ed, not knowing it is him. Ed then says, "Swiggity swag, what's in the bag?". Jimmy then realizes that he is talking to Ed and he then gets freaked out by this. He then looks around and asks Ed if Eddy is here. While Jimmy is looking around, Ed reads his catchphrase paper again for another cool phrase. Ed then says to Jimmy, "Just me, myself, and I, or I don't fly.". Jimmy laughs at this happily and then tells Ed to come play with them. Ed then says "Sounds like a plan, little man!" which Jimmy also laughs at. Eddy and Edd are surprised at what just happened. Eddy states it worked and Edd then states it actually worked with nothing wrong happening. Eddy states they should check it out. Eddy then jumps out of the trashcan he was in and runs off. Edd gets out, but then quickly removes a banana peel that was on his foot. He then quickly runs off to join Eddy.

It then shows all of the other kids minding their own business in a different part of the alleyway. Sarah and Nazzare talking together, Kevin is riding his bike, and Jonny is seeing Rolf dig up something from the dirt. Jimmy and Ed arrive and the former states everyone, "Hey guys! Recognize this big lug?". He then tells everyone it is Ed and everyone then becomes impressed and awed by Ed's new appearance. Ed then says to everyone, "Peek-a-baloo, I see all, too.". Ed, while saying this, slides towards everyone on his knees and then lands in front of the other kids. Rolf, rubbing Ed's jacket, says that he has become so swab. Nazz states she likes Ed's hair. Ed responds with"Don't smell it. Just gel it." while doing cool moves. Kevin, who is suspicious, asks what is he up to. Ed, standing on one foot, says, "5' 9", give or take." while still doing cool moves. Kevin is surprised, but soon goes along with the other kids on agreeing on Ed being really cool. Ed smiles and cooly points his finger at them. Nazz takes Ed by the arm and tells him to come along with them as she wants to hear more of his witty phrases. Rolf, Sarah, and Jimmy also say they want to hear the cool phrases too. Kevin states Ed should hang out with them. After the kids take Ed with then, Edd and Eddy come out of their hiding spot. Eddy, watching the kids impressed at Ed and his coolness, asks Edd if he saw that as he clearly saw that the kids can't get enough of Ed and his coolness. Eddy soon gets an idea into his head and states this is perfect.

A bunch of signs advertising for people to meet and watch 'Ed the Great' are then shown. Jonny is shown going past the signs and he soon gets to a nearby shed. Eddy is shown in the shed and is happy that he got a lot of money from this new scam. Jonny comes in and asks if they are late for 'The Ed Show'. Eddy says he is not if he pays 25 cents. Jonny gives him a quarter which Eddy is happy about, but he then realizes something. As Jonny goes in, Eddy tells him to hold it as Plank forgot to pay. Jonny then throws in another quarter for Plank, so he can watch the show too.

The scene then goes to a red curtain and everyone in the audience are then shown chanting Ed's name as they want to see Ed and his great coolness. Rolf yells to Ed, "Let me wait no longer!". Ed then peeks out of the curtains and greets the audience. Edd then opens the curtains by quickly pulling the rope connected to the curtains continuously until they are withdrawn enough to completely show Ed. Ed, coming out with arms up, says "Waggity-doo!". Ed then does some cool moves while saying, "I'm too hot to use in a pot!". Ed then put his hands on his cheeks in a cool style-manner while saying, "Slick me back, because I'm happening!". The kids laugh and cheer at Ed's coolness and phrases. Eddy is then shown happy with his load of money and proceeds in screwing the cap to the jar shut. Edd tells Ed is a sell-out. Eddy tells Ed that they will ding the kids for the encore.

Suddenly, the Kankers bust down the door to the shed and Lee claims they forgot their money. Eddy is not happy about them coming in. Edd is shown to be surprised and frightened by the Kankers appearing. The kids are also shocked that the Kankers are here, but Ed doesn't notice this as he is still doing cool moves while saying "Yabba Dabba Crackers!". Lee sarcastically says, "Oooo, Ed the Great!". Lee then gets in Ed's face and states she is waiting for a cool move or phrase. Ed is shocked and nervous by the Kankers appearing in his face. Lee tells Ed to say something. May then says that Ed should say something funny and Marie then adds that he should say something funny and smart at the same time. Ed can't come up with a phrase on his own and starts scratching his head nervously while the Kankers laugh at him.

Ed then goes for the catchphrase paper in his jacket. He tries to find a cool phrase, but May catches him and states, "Give me that!" before taking the paper away. May then reads the paper and then states "Yabba Dabba!" is cheating. Marie then gets on Ed and grabs him by the jacket while stating that she likes cheaters. She then makes Ed literally spin by taking off his jacket. Ed soon stops spinning and dizzily falls backwards while asking Eddy for help. Ed then grabs onto the nearby curtain, but tears it off the curtain rack unintentionally, causing it to fall on him. The kids gasp in shock at what happened to Ed while Edd says "Oh my!". Ed gets up, but the curtain is blocking his view. He asks who turned out the lights which causes Eddy to slap his face in frustration. Lee laughs at this and when Ed gets close to her, she pushes him away from her before going back to laughing. Edd goes after Ed from the right while Eddy goes after Ed from the left. Eddy yells at Ed to look out, but Ed falls down at the last second causing Edd and Eddy to crash into each other and land on Ed. Ed gets up while Edd and Eddy are still on him. Eddy tells Ed he has a show to do. Eddy rips off part of the curtain and Ed pokes his head out. Ed says hello to Eddy before the Eds all fall down. Ed then gets back up and Eddy then pushes him back to the Kankers telling him to get back out there. However Edd and Eddy can only watch in horror as Ed gets attacked by the Kankers to no end.

Ed then falls to the ground. May and Marie then grab both of Ed's arms. May states, "Let us help you up!" and Marie then states "Yeah! Let's!". They then pick Ed up only to rip down the curtain that is on Ed, leaving him in his underwear. The Kankers laugh at this while Edd and Eddy are shocked at what just happened. Lee then shoves Ed away. Edd and Eddy run towards Ed to catch him while Eddy states, "Watch it!". However Ed crashes into his friends, sending them flying. The kids are shocked at what is happening. The Eds then land in a wheelbarrow full of dirt and the wheelbarrow then carts the Eds towards where the kids are. Sarah yells at the Eds they all stink and Rolf, holding his nose, agrees with what Sarah said. The kids then run away due to the Eds' stench. Ed asks his friends if they like his shirt. Lee then calls the Eds Shakespeares while also congratulating them on a great show as it was worth every penny. Lee also reveals she has taken the jar of money. Eddy, freaked out, states "My money!", but is soon cut off by the wheelbarrow falling down to its side, causing the Eds and the dirt to fall out. Eddy yells at the Kankers to give it back, but Lee tells them, "Have fun in the mud, you three little piggies!" as she and her sisters walk away with the money. Eddy is greatly infuriated that the Kankers are taking his money away. He then jumps out of the dirt and goes after the Kankers. Lee states, "Thanks again!" before closing the door. Eddy then crashes into the door and is left greatly depressed at his loss.

At the end, the Eds are shown sitting on a sidewalk. Ed is shown happy, Edd is shown holding a huge ice cube on the side of his head and Eddy is shown angry and frustrated. While Ed is playing with the flies around him, Eddy claims he can't believe it as all the money and all the fame they got was great and it's now all gone. Edd asks Eddy if he could lower his voice as the drinks left him with a very painful headache. Ed asks his friends, "Hey guys?" and Eddy responds with "What is it Ed?". Ed claims to his friends, "I say the cheese is always twice the fence post!". Eddy sarcastically notes that he wishes he had a fence post. Ed continues to play with the flies around him as the episode irises in on him.


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