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Mashmallow Jones is the 4b episode of first season of Camp Lazlo.


At Camp Kidney, Raj is seen eating a large amount of marshmallows with the other Bean Scouts watching and cheering for him. He does not stop until everyone gets tired and leaves in the morning. Right after that, a marshmallow shortage is announced and because of this, the camp activities become limited. Lazlo and Clam pledge not to eat marshmallows until the shortage is denounced. Raj seems to agree with this, but he eats a few marshmallows while he agrees. After that, he continues to eat more, until Lazlo and Clam decide to stop him from eating any more.

Their attempts include tieing him into a chair; however they all fail, until they force Raj to go to bed. In the morning, Lazlo decides to give Raj a special marshmallow from Brazil because he deserves it, but he discovers that someone stole it. He accuses Raj of stealing his marshmallow and they fight whether the Jelly Beans should be called Jelly Cabin Pack or Marshmallow Buddy. Raj is so angry, that he walks away from Jelly Cabin and walks to Acorn Flats, where he finds a marshmallow dispenser in one of the camp's buildings. He eats one, which turns into two marshmallows, until he eats many marshmallows. Sometime in between, he breaks the switch which allows the dispenser to throw marshmallows without stopping.

Finally, the dispenser explodes and Raj becomes covered in a gooey substance consisting of the marshmallows he tried to eat. Meanwhile, Patsy tells scary stories and makes a sinister roaring sound a few times. The final roar is actually Raj behind her. The Squirrel Scouts run away from him because they think he is a yeti. At Jelly Cabin, Lazlo hears Raj's screaming and decides to save him. Clam and Lazlo walk to where Raj is and hug him calling him a Marshmallow Buddy. They also cry, removing the melted marshmallow off of Raj.

The Squirrels catch up to them and Gretchen says that they were crying. Lazlo lies to them by saying that yetis do not exist and that the only thing that makes a Bean Scout cry is a chopped onion. Up in mountains, two yetis sit down. One yeti complains that he heard campers and is afraid. The other one hits him and says that campers do not exist.



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