"Look Before You Ed" is the final episode of Season 6 and so far the show as well, before Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show. It is also the 126th episode of the series. In this episode, Edd and Jimmy create a safety club to help people avoid injuries during the winter season.


It's a well-known fact that wintertime can be hazardous, everywhere you go there's danger lurking - ice to be slipped on, snowballs to be whacked with, not to mention the problems with snowboards and toboggans. Luckily for the Kids - and despite Eddy's grumbles - Double D has decided that enough is enough. So is born the Safety Club and on paper it doesn't look like such a bad idea, after all, nobody - and especially the accident-prone like Jimmy - enjoys getting hurt while they're playing so you'd think Edd's club would be to everyone's advantage.

Unfortunately though, this doesn't seem to be the case as never one to let his obsessions take a back seat, Double D along with sidekick Jimmy, is soon taking the role of safety officer and the whole business of looking out for everyone else a little too seriously. Naturally it's not long before safety gets in the way of having fun, Sarah and Nazz are not allowed to ice skate, a frozen Jonny is yet again rescued (we think) from Plank's somewhat sinister influence and Kevin gets a lecture about the hazards of not wearing a safety helmet. It started off nicely but as the fun goes bye-bye tempers everywhere are beginning to fray and just to add to the fun, Eddy and Ed are being their usual disruptive selves, turning Edd's hard work and good intentions into snow-cone scams and pitfalls. Poor Edd, he only wanted to help but now he's simply getting on everyone's nerves - including Jimmy. This can only mean rejection, rebellion and humiliation. Oh, and the launch of the "Owie Go Kapowee Club" of course with the Eds themselves on ice. Brrrrr!



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