This is a list of the Happy Tree Friends Internet and TV episodes. There are 27 seasons of the Internet shorts, and 917 episodes of the TV series. Each TV episode is 22 minutes, split into 3 shorter 7 minute episodes. There have also been rumors that a second TV Series season is still in the works, but Ken Pontac says that the TV series is currently off the air due to budget problems.

Series OverviewEdit

Color Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 2 / (4) May 28, 1980 March 28, 1981


Season 1: 1980Edit

No. in

No. in


Directed by

Wirtten by

Air Date


01a 01 "Ermison" Matt Groening Don Hahn May 28, 1980 101
01b 02 "Hunted" Matt Groening Don Hahn June 11, 1980 102
02a 03 "Secert Experiment" Matt Groening Don Hahn June 11, 1980 103

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