Sole of a Hero

Written by

Dave Thomas
Jorge Gutierrez
Scott Kreamer






March 3rd, 2007


Night of the Living Guacamole


Enter the Cuervo


Sole of a Hero is the 2nd half of the first episode of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera that aired on March 3rd, 2007. It introduced the recurring minor villain El Oso and was the first major showing of what White Pantera's boots can do.



Featured Characters:

Recurring Characters:


    • The Bears [Fist Apperance]​

Full HistoryEdit

While "borrowing" Rodolfo's super-charged Bronze Boots of Truth for a late-night spree of fun and destruction, Manny and Frida end up wrecking the prized objects of power. They cover-up the misdeed and no one is the wiser! That is, until Rodolfo tries to fight the villainous El Oso with the damaged boots and is beaten to a pulp and humiliated in public. Rodolfo grows depressed, feeling he is now too old to be a superhero. And when Manny and Frida try to fix the boots themselves, Rodolfo ends up in the dangerous town of Calavera, surrounded by banditos and crippled by his malfunctioning boots.

Voice Cast & RolesEdit

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