"Dear Ed" is the 6th episode of Season 2 and the 32nd episode of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, after Plank andJonny split up from a fight, Eddy spots a chance to try to cash money. 


At the start of the episode, Edd is using a metal detector to search for buried treasure. However, when Edd's metal detector fails to turn up any buried nickels, and Ed's unorthodox digging technique soon leaves the local street lamps literally six feet under, it looks like just a typical downer of a day for Eddy. However, when he sees Jimmywith Plank, it is shown that Jonny and Plank have had a massive tiff and have actually split up, the opportunity to cash in on someone else's misery is just too strong to resist, and before you know it, "Ed's Friend Store" is soon open for business.

The friends in question are actually a selection of household appliances and everyday objects, on which the Eds have painted eyes. The hapless Jonny is rounded up and paired off with various unlikely companions, most of whom reveal a surprisingly sadistic streak! Eddy tested out friends like Bob: a traffic cone, and Salty Sam: an old boot. Jonny - much to Eddy's distress - is not paying up until he gets his ideal pal - obviously a gentler touch is needed and what better way to meet your other half than at a party? The trouble is that poor Jonny's brain is overloaded by the choice-on offer, and with Ed and Double D too busy with their own dance partners, Eddy is helpless to stop the other kids from gatecrashing the party. He can only watch as Jonny finally finds the friend he always wanted - Plank. Of course, Eddy doesn't make a cent out of this but for once he doesn't seem to mind all that much, because he's actually quite enjoying himself. In the end Eddy, Ed, Edd and Jimmy close the episode by dancing to the song playing on Eddy's record player.


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