Bolt 2 is a 2017 computer-animated film family film comedy film and a sequel to the 2008 Bolt. Based on Bolt comic book series created by the Jim Davis. It is totally unbeliveble story .it is a crazy story and we are great liers becuse bolt 2 can not release we only making you fool in sharjeel khan oppinion

Characters and CastEdit

Returing castlt the Superdog: The main protagonist of the film. she and Lucy aEdit

  • all the things done by sharjeel khan night

New creation animalsEdit

These are a new cast of characters. This features reptile characters


  1. I Like to Move It: Perfomed by Sacha Baron Cohen and Cee Lo Green ft with Jamie Foxx
  2. Africa: Performed by Toto
  3. Firework: Performed by Katy Perry
  4. We R Who We R: Performed by Kesha
  5. Turn Me On: Performed by David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj
  6. Everytime We Touch: Performed by Cascada. Bolt and Lucy love song.
  7. Runaway Baby: Preformed by Bruno Mars
  8. 22: Peformed by Taylor Swift
  9. Wonderland: Peformed by Natalia Kills
  10. All The Things She Said: Performed by Tatu
  11. I Hate Everything About You: Performed by Three Days Graces Song Jake
  12. A Thousand years: Performed by Christina Perri
  13. What does the fox say: performed by Ylvis


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