"A Pinch to Grow an Ed" is the 5th episode of Season 1and of Ed, Edd n Eddy. In this episode, Edd tries to help Eddy become taller when he is unhappy with people mocking his short height. 


The episode begins with Eddy going to a mirror with only his pants on. Eddy rises up so that he can see himself in the mirror. Eddy then does a pose in front of the mirror to show off his coolness in front of himself. Eddy then goes down for a moment. He then tosses his shirt in the air. He then gets under his shirt and slips right into it. Eddy then jumps for joy in front of the mirror while looking cool. Eddy then grabs his rolling chair and rolls it forward until it stops for a moment. Eddy then runs forward, jumps onto the chair and immediately rolls it to his dresser. He then grabs record holder and takes a record out of it. Eddy tosses the holder away and spins the record around on his finger. He then tries to place it on his record player, but he is too far, so he tries to go more further. This causes the chair to slip forward causing Eddy to fall off of the chair. Eddy then quickly grabs onto the dresser, however the record the drops to the ground and breaks while Eddy can only watch it happen. Eddy slides down and is unhappy that he couldn't play his record on the record player. Eddy then states to the record player that it's firewood when he deals with it later.

Eddy then goes to measure his height on a nearby wall that keeps track of how tall he is at each age. Eddy looks at each of the lines until he stops at the last one which was when he measured himself when he was 11 years old. Eddy then notices something odd. Eddy then stands straight and then uses a pencil to draw a line right over his forehead. Eddy then notices that he has gotten shorter since he was 11 years old. Eddy is greatly annoyed at this. Eddy pulls up one of his hairs to the utmost and uses his pencil to draw a line at the end of that hair. Eddy becomes happy and satisified at this. Eddy then leaves to join in some fun.

It then goes to the playground. Kevin and Nazz are shown running somewhere and having fun. It then goes toJimmy and Sarah who are pushing a baby carriage. Eddy then arrives at the playground and greets Sarah and Jimmy. Sarah states they need a new dolly and then she asks Eddy if he can be their new dolly. Eddy is however shocked and unhappy at this statement. Jimmy agrees with Sarah and states to Eddy he should be the dolly before Sarah and Jimmy start laughing. Eddy is unhappy at the joke and leaves, but then Kevin and Nazz block him off. Kevin asks Eddy where are the "tall dorks" while calling Eddy a squirt. Kevin and Nazz then laugh at Kevin's statement while Eddy angrily leaves. Eddy then sees Rolf and greets him. Eddy then goes to Rolf, who is playing basketball, and urges him to pass the ball, but Rolf claims to Eddy he can't do that as he might squish him. Eddy is angry at this and sarcastically claims, "Yeah right!" before storming off. 

Ed and Edd are then shown playing on the swings. Edd then leaps off of his swing. Ed then leaps off of his swing, but he goes way too high up. Ed states "Too high!" before grabbing on to his swing and holding on to it. Edd then lands on the ground. As Ed's swing goes back down, it drags Ed into the dirt, creating a trench. Eddy arrives and asks Ed if he calls that a jump. Ed, upon seeing Eddy, greets him. Eddy tells his friends to watch and learn. Eddy then runs on over to the swing Ed is holding onto. Ed, upon realizing that Eddy is trying to go onto the swing he is holding, quickly ducks right as Eddy gets onto the swing and rides the swing up into the air. After getting high enough, Eddy jumps off of the swing. Edd watches Eddy fly into the air until he lands at a spot that is a bit far from where Edd is. Eddy then congratulates himself as Edd takes out a record book and tells Eddy that he had broken another record. Eddy asks his friends if they want to do any chin-ups as he goes to the monkey bars. Edd follows Eddy and Ed states, "Me first!" before rushing forward to the monkey bars.

As Edd and Eddy go to the monkey bars while the former is reading the record book, Ed runs past the other Eds and jumps on to the monkey bars which Eddy is not happy about. Edd then gets onto the monkey bars and tells Eddy to join them. Eddy tries to get onto the monkey bars, but he is too short to get onto them. Ed and Edd then get off of the monkey bars. Ed then picks up Eddy which Eddy is also not happy about and places him onto the monkey bars. Eddy, who is now holding onto the monkey bars, claims to Ed he doesn't need help, but then Ed starts tickling Eddy. Ed claims Eddy does need his help. Eddy tells Ed to stop tickling him, but Edd then begins to tickle him too. Edd states he is giving a little boost for Eddy. Eddy tells his friends to knock it off, but then they both start tickling him. Eventually, Eddy can't take the tickling and he falls off the monkey bars, creating a dirt angel imprint of Eddy on the ground. Ed tells Eddy he is too little. Eddy angrily gets on Ed, grabs him by the jacket and tells him he isn't little. Edd claims that a lot of important people were short in stature, but Eddy yells out that he is not short while pointing at Edd. Edd tries to explain it better, but Eddy storms off. Ed shrugs his shoulders when Edd looks at him to see if he has anything that might help. As Eddy walks off, Edd and Ed follow him. Ed then pats Eddy on the head until Eddy yells at him to stop that. Eddy then angrily yells at his friends to get over it as he is not short, but Ed states they like him short. Eddy tries to shove Ed away, but he shoves himself backwards. Eddy then angrily leaves the playground and mutters to himself, "You think you're so tall!" as Ed and Edd watch him leave.

Eddy is then shown going through a flower field. He's very angry that he's short and begins to rip out the flowers in the field as he walks. Eddy angrily states, "I'm not short. I'm just fine. I'm perfect!". He then tries to pull out a flower, but it won't budge. He then tries to pull with all his might, but he is then cut off by Lee Kanker who greets Eddy. Eddy lets go of the flower he was pulling and sees that the Kanker Sisters are right in front of him. May states he is so cute. Lee then starts tickling Eddy's chin while making a kissy face in front of him. Marie then grabs Eddy by the mouth and starts shaking it while telling her sisters to look at Eddy's "baby face". Lee and May then start rubbing their fingers on Eddy's head and chin until all three Kankers let go of Eddy's face. Lee then starts rubbing Eddy's head. Eddy then angrily tries to bite Lee's hand right as Lee withdraws her hand away. Lee notes Eddy is such a little brat. Eddy yells at Lee he is not little and asks if the Kankers got that. Eddy then tries to walk away, but May blocks him off and asks where is he going while calling him a pipsqueak. Eddy turns around and tries to leave, but he is blocked off by Marie who tells him to hold it while calling him stubby. Eddy then backs away and finds himself in the center. He then turns around only to see that Lee is blocking him off. Lee asks Eddy where is he going while calling him a shrimp. Lee's sisters join in with her and then they are all start laughing. May states they should kiss him. The Kankers move forward while sighing happily. Eddy realizing he is in trouble, states "Uh-Oh!" before jumping into the flower field. Eddy then runs for his life through the flower field to escape the Kankers.

Edd and Ed are then shown trying to find Eddy while calling out for him. Eddy is then shown unhappily walking away while passing under a fence. Ed and Edd pass by the said fence and then see Eddy walking away. Eddy walks past some garbage when Ed tells him to wait up, but Eddy sees them and immediately ignores them by continuing forward. Ed tries to climb over the fence, but he ends up falling down on Edd. Eddy quickly goes back to his house and then he quickly goes into his room. Ed and Edd approach the door and the former asks him to come out, but Eddy tells him there are no tall people allowed in his room. Ed then tells Eddy they can make him taller which surprises Eddy. Edd asks Eddy if he is still in there. Eddy then opens the door, which Ed and Edd are happy to see. Eddy then asks his friends if they can actually make him taller.

Ed is then shown pulling Eddy's legs while Eddy is hanging on to a tree and Edd is making some calculations. The plan made for Eddy is able to stretch out Eddy's body a bit. Ed notes, "Look! Eddy is so tall!". Sarah and Jimmy and the former gets Ed's attention by calling his name. Ed turns around, but he unintentionally lets go of Eddy, causing him to crash into the tree. Sarah asks Ed what is he doing. Ed states that he is trying to make Eddy tall. Sarah states she is telling on their mom before running off. Jimmy notes he wants to be tall, but Sarah then tells him to come on, so he runs off to join Sarah. Eddy is then shown holding onto the tree in frustration. Ed suggests that they should try Plan B.

Eddy is shown sitting on a stump while Edd is drawing out plans on some paper. Ed comes to the scene with a box that has a pull string on it. Ed states this is Plan B. Eddy gets off of the stump and groans. Ed tells Eddy to say "Aah!". Eddy opens his mouth, but Ed tells him to open it wider. Eddy opens his mouth wider. Ed tells him to eat the box before shoving the box into Eddy's mouth. Eddy after a while swallows the box, leaving only the pull string. Ed then pulls the string, inflating the raft, but it only makes Eddy wider. Edd notes Eddy is definitely wider which angers Eddy. Ed then bearhugs Eddy, making him taller. Edd notes to Eddy he is tall, but Ed hugs too hard, causing Eddy to slip out of his grip and catapult into the air. Eddy then lands on the ground and then bounces upward, causing him to crash into a tree. Eddy then rebounds off of the tree and crashes into a fence before he lands on the ground headfirst. Edd tells Eddy there is no time for rest. Eddy gets up, but he is still dizzy from the fall he got. Edd brandishes a piece of paper and states the plans are complete. He then leaves and tells his friends to go to his garage. Ed then follows Edd before grabbing Eddy by the shirt and taking him with them.

The scene then goes to Edd's garage. Ed and Edd are busy creating the invention that will help Eddy become taller. They have locked Eddy out until the invention is done, as they want it to be a surprise. Eddy tries to peek under the garage door to see what's going on, but gets no luck. Eddy then tries to open the door up, but it doesn't budge. Eddy grumbles that his friends are in so much trouble. 

Ed is then shown fooling around with a ruler that has three pipes containing water. Ed ducks under to let the ruler float in mid air only to catch instanteously before it drops. Ed then sees the water inside the pipes move until they are balanced which he laughs at. Ed then ducks under to repeat his trick again. Edd is then shown with a cap on. He then puts on some goggles for safety. Edd then begins building the device. Eddy is then shown going to where the side window is. After a few jumps he clings onto the window sill and tries to take a peek, but he is unable to lift himself. Eddy then falls to the ground.

Edd is then shown with his hand out and requesting Edd for a saw. Ed hands Edd a saw and Edd starts sawing away as he is building the device. Edd requests for some heat. Ed hands Edd an acetylene torch. Edd puts on a acetylene torch mask over his face before he starts using the torch to create the device. Eddy is then shown waiting impatiently while groaning in frustration. The door suddenly opens, so Eddy goes in, but Ed then throws him out, saying the invention isn't done yet which Eddy is not happy to hear. Edd is then shown squirting glue onto the device. Edd then rinses the device off with a garden hose. After that, Edd is shown with two scrub brushes in hand. Edd then spits on both of them before he uses them to give the new invention a nice shine. Edd tells Ed the invention is ready so Eddy can be let in. Ed opens the garage door and it shows Eddy trying to peek under. Eddy leaps inside the garage, picks himself and tries to see what the device is. Eddy then asks his friends, "So?" as he wants to know what the invention is. Edd reveals to Eddy the Elevation Boots which he calls 'walking braces'. Ed laughs while Eddy looks in surprise. Edd tells Eddy he will become a giant among the low-set.

Eddy pushes the Elevation Boots and asks Edd if he looks like a clown. Ed picks Eddy up and is about to put him in the boots. Ed tells Eddy to try them on, but Eddy yells at Ed to put him down as he doesn want to wear the boots which Eddy calls stupid. Edd sets the boots down and states to Eddy the boots will make Eddy taller. Eddy upon hearing this, questions, "Taller?" before deciding to go along with the boots. Ed puts Eddy in the boots and Edd hands him the remote control. Edd explains puts Eddy in the boots despite Eddy not wanting to, but Edd says they will make him taller which changes his mind. Edd gives Eddy the remote control which will activate the boots by pressing the button. Edd explains to Eddy that the remote control, when pressed, activates the shoes, but he doesn't get further as Eddy states to Edd to give him that while also swiping the remote out of Edd's hands. Eddy presses the button and the boots only raise him about an inch which Eddy is not happy at. Eddy angrily and sarcastically says, "Nice boots, Mr. Inventor Smarty-Pants!", but when Eddy says 'pants' midway he is cut off by the boots which suddenly spring Eddy upward into the ceiling. Shortly after, Eddy crashes down to the ground. Eddy dizzily states, "Nice pants, Mr. Smarty-Boots, nice...". Edd warns Eddy to be careful as the button is very sensitive, but Eddy states he understands. Eddy then starts using the remote and the boots to move forward. Eddy is happy that they are allowing him to be tall as well as move around. Ed states that's cool and Edd congratulates Eddy. Eddy states to his friends to come on. The Eds leave the garage and Eddy uses the boots to make a giant leap while the gang head down to show off Eddy's new height.

The Eds head back to the playground. Sarah and Jimmy are shown with their dolly in a carriage while Jonny is shown playing catch with Plank. Eddy sees Sarah and Jimmy and tells his friends, "Check it out!". Eddy confronts Sarah and Jimmy and tells them, "Hello dollies!". Jimmy gets scared at Eddy being tall now. He then freaks out, causing him to drop his dollies. Eddy then crushes the dollies with his Elevation Boots and notes that playing with dollies is fun. While Eddy is strutting around, Sarah calls Eddy a big ape. Eddy just states to Sarah, "Big and don't you forget it!" before leaving.

Nazz and Kevin are shown dancing to Kevin's boombox when the Eds arrive.  Eddy greets Nazz. Nazz, amazed, states to Eddy he is looking tall. Eddy notes that he likes the sound of the word "tall". Kevin laughs and states what are the boots are supposed to be. Eddy states they are the latest footwear. Eddy states Kevin can check it out. Eddy then places his foot above Kevin's head and activates the remote, causing the boots to crush Kevin into the ground which Nazz is shocked to see. Eddy is then shown laughing at Kevin's misfortune.

Rolf is then shown playing with a basketball. He then bounces it into the air and headbutts it into the hoop. After successfully geting a basket, the Eds arrive and Eddy catches the basketball just as it falls out of the hoop. Rolf claims he got five baskets in a hole. Eddy comes over to Rolf and claims that he bets that Rolf can't do that again. Rolf claims he can and he will make Eddy believe while calling Eddy a small fry and rubbing his hand against the top of Eddy's head. An annoyed Eddy shoves the ball onto Rolf and tells him to do it. Rolf then tosses the ball into the air and headbutts it towards the hoop, but Eddy springs up and grabs it midair. Eddy tells Rolf that was a nice try before ending the revenge by shoving the basketball into Rolf's mouth.

Eddy notes he loves being tall before deactivating the boots, so that they will lower him down. Eddy puts his hands around his friends and states that maybe he will now get some respect around here. Soon the Kankers arrive and confront the Eds. Lee claims, "If it ain't tater tot?". May then states, "And his two corncobs!". Eddy requests his friends to stand back and let him handle this. Eddy pulls his sleeve up and approaches the Kankers. Eddy then activates the remote control, making him taller. Eddy asks the Kankers if they are talking to him, but the Kankers just laugh. May states they sure are. Marie tells her sisters to look at Eddy's shoes as they are really big shoes like a circus clown's shoes which shocks Eddy. Lee then somehow steals the remote control from Eddy while he is shocked, questioning what the remote control is. Eddy shocked states, Hey!". Lee states they should see what this does before pressing the button. Eddy protests to the Kankers to not press the button, but it's too late as the boots then lower Eddy back down to the ground. After getting back to the ground, Eddy notices that being back on the ground isn't too bad, however Lee then presses the button a couple of times, causing the boots to spring Eddy upward until he was way high up. Edd terrified, states that the boots aren't meant to go that high. Lee presses the button again, causing Eddy to crash back down to the ground. Eddy is then shown flat on the ground. The button is then pressed again, causing one of Eddy's boots to crash a hole into the hole. Ed looks into the hole, only for the Kankers to press the button again, causing one of Eddy's boots to knock Ed into the hole. Ed comes out of the hole and back to where the Eds and the Kankers are, but the Kankers then press the button again, causing one of Eddy's boots to slam Ed through the hole again. The boot then rebounds and hits Eddy in the face, causing him to roll around the ground until Eddy's boots are shown hanging Eddy upside down. The Kankers continue pressing the button while laughing at Eddy's misfortune. The boots are then shown slamming Eddy onto the ground from left to right to no end. Marie tells Lee to give her the remote. Marie then takes the remote and starts pressing it. May then takes the remote and states it's her turn now. May then presses the button a few times until the remote control breaks in her hands.

The boots then spring Eddy up high into the air. Eddy, hearing a sound, states "Uh-Oh!" before the boots crash back down to the ground with Eddy still in them, creating a small hole in the ground. Ed goes over to the hole, looks down into it and notes that what just happened was cool. Ed greets Eddy, but the hole becomes slightly wider. Ed loses his balance and falls into the hole. Edd rushes on over to the hole and asks Ed if he is all right. The boots then spring Eddy and his friends up into outer space. Ed looks down and sees that he and his friends are in space. This is enough for Ed to grab onto Eddy's head tightly and scream in terror. Lee then kicks the springs that support the boots up, destroying them. Lee then says "Timber!" as the boots break. Eddy, upon hearing the breaking sound, says "Uh-Oh!" before the boots completely break, causing the Eds to fall back to Earth and back into the Cul-de-Sac while screaming.

Sarah and Jimmy are then shown with their baby carraige. They then look up and see the screaming Eds falling while Eddy can be heard screaming "No!". Sarah and Jimmy, upon seeing this, freak out and quickly run away. Ed and Edd fall down into the ground, creating a hole. Eddy then falls into the carraige, knocking the dolly inside the carriage out, and causing the baby bottle inside to be thrown into the air and fall into Eddy's mouth causing him to drink it. Ed and Edd come out of the hole and see Eddy wearing a baby's bib and drinking the baby bottle. After Eddy burps, Ed cutely says, "Aw, look! Coochilly coo!" while Edd smiles at the scene. Eddy groans in annoyance and is unimpressed by his friends treating him like a baby. Ed and Edd then run away with the carriage containing Eddy. Ed notes Eddy is a cute little fellow and then he tells Edd that Eddy has got his eyes while driving the carriage. The episode then irises in on Ed and Edd as they leave.



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